Green energy and renewables

We are dedicated to contribute in generation of clean energy (electricity and heat) from the renewable sources. We supply the world´s leading energy groups, private and municipal heat and power plants and retailers with high quality biofuels ( wood pellets, wood briquettes, wood chips, firewood and some liquid biofuels) and fuel mixes produced in a sustainable manner.

We carry out renewable materials research and development aimed at creating economically efficient know how. We have our own technology and know how to increase calorific value of the biofuel. We help to switch from non renewable materials to renewable materials and biochemicals. We perform high tech research and development in biochemistry for food industry and other implications. We are developing a combination of innovative process technology and unique equipment of own design which decarbonize Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), diesel fuel and other oil products aiming to drastically reduce harmful gas emission and increase fuel efficiency.